Significant Info to know about Log Home Care

Winters are about to end and springs are about to arrive. It’s the time for you to start repairing your old log home and give it a new finish. Humanly, it is possible that you might have neglected your wood house but we shall provide you the best tips which will help you in maintaining your log home.

1 – Examine Your Log Home

The log home repair starts with a very basic step of inspection of your log home. For an in-depth inspection check the following things

Huge Cracks in the Logs

Large cracks allow dust and rain to settle in them. Water particularly damages the wood and it can even rot the best quality wood. However these cracks can be easily filled with flexible caulks of good quality. These caulks are available in various colors to match 90% of the log stains. However if the cracks are too large then Backer Rod should be used to fill them before the application of caulks. Backer rod helps the caulk in its adhesion.


You also need to examine the mold and mildew which has grown out in areas where the log color has failed. It can easily be wiped out by brushing it with bleach or TSP mixture. Wipe it out well and let the logs dry before proceeding

Dark Spots and Stains

Water dripping and standing rain water can rot your wood. If left untreated it turns into dark spots, which can be easily cleaned by drying the log well and repainting it so the color and strength of wood is renewed

Damaged Logs

The damaged logs and rotted wood should be replaced with new ones. However if you want to save your money then you can just cut the rotten area and replace it with new but make sure to seal the area between two woods. Also the soft area can be strengthened and renewed by saturating it with liquid epoxy.

Now that you have examined your log house carefully and repaired the small damages the second step begins

2 – Cleaning Logs

Here as the name suggests you need to clean the logs. Many people suggest using a pressure washer to clean the logs and wipe off the dirt but one must be very careful in using the pressure washer. The nozzle of pressure washer shouldn’t be held close to the surface otherwise water may penetrate into the surface and damage the wood. Don’t set too much high pressure. It may cut the softer areas.

3 – Stripping Finish from Wood

For serious stripping and wood restoration the best way is to blast the wood clean. Cob-Blasting is most widely used.

Your log cabin has been restored now but however some things are left which should only be done by experts because in-experienced person might damage the soft areas of wood. IWR Co. (Intensified Wood Restoration) was established in 1989. It operates and provides the best log home restoration services. IWR uses environmentally friendly wood home restoration techniques. Please, go to to get the best log home care services.

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